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Solar Eclipse

Due to the precautions school districts (including ours) all over are taking because of the solar eclipse, we will be doing the following:

* ALC/CTE students will only go to 1st block.  During 2nd and 3rd blocks, those students who do not check out will go to the gym.  

* From 12:00 (noon) to 2:30, no students will be allowed to be outside other than to transition to class.  This means no break/recess for all grades and no sports practice until 2:30.  

*From 1:15 to 1:45, students who have a signed permission form and the proper glasses brought from home will have the opportunity to go to the football field to observe the eclipse.  NO ONE ELSE CAN GO!  Students cannot share glasses and teachers cannot supply the glasses for students. The glasses used should only come with the student from HOME and must be the proper glasses.

*A small explanation:  The solar eclipse allows someone to look up toward the sun more easily.  However, the sun's rays are still dangerous to stare at and can cause serious damage to the eyes without the proper eye wear.  

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PTO Meeting

Monday, September 11
6:00 p.m.

This Week at a Glance  

  Monday, 8/14/17
  Softball vs Hatley 530/630  
  Tuesday, 8/15/17
     Softball @ Nettleton 500/600
  Wednesday, 8/16/17
  Thursday, 8/17/17
  Friday, 8/18/17
   Football vs Coldwater 700
  Saturday, 8/19/17
     Softball MCT @ Amory TBA

  Monday,  8/21/17

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